Photo by Heather Gray Photography

I love telling stories.  To me, life looks better when it’s captured and recorded.

I love my family. Sunday is always spent with my family. Always. Sitting on the couch next to my mom, cutting coupons while the doggies snore next to us after running around at dog agility is my idea of perfection.

I love epic music, the kind of music that starts slow and culminates in a huge way that makes your heart burst open. Mumford & Sons is my favorite band. They are a borderline obsession. Their lyrics slay me. Every. Single. Time.

I have always called Colorado home. I’m grateful to live in a state where a summer hike in the mountains is just outside your front door. The open air settles me.

I believe in working hard, loving what you do and always, always helping others.

My name is Kelsey Bigelow and I’d love to meet you.

What is “Life Story Photography?” Life Story Photography is my made up photography genre dedicated to telling the story of your family, exactly as you are. My goal as a photographer is to ensure your children have a visual record of their life from the beginning, exactly as it happened. I want you to be able to look back on the chaos, the mess, the love and the joy and remember it all. If I’m able to capture even this tiny portion of your story, my heart is full and I’ve done my job.

Why photograph like this? For me personally, there is an immense value in photography that captures the every day of your life. The diaper changes, the baths, the homework on the table, the princess costume that stays on for weeks – these are the moments that are fleeting, important and beautiful to me.

As an adult, I look back on the photos of my childhood and I am moved by those photos that show the relationships between myself and my parents, my brother and I and especially those with my grandparents. Each of these is an important memory that I can never get back or recreate. I have dozens, if not hundreds, of posed photos but to me, these do little more than show me what I looked like at a certain point in time. Though I see their value, they can never show me the joy of my childhood.

How does a Life Story session happen? Every photo session happens in your home to keep things as comfortable and stress free as possible for you. I find that it’s easier to get amazing photos if you’re able to relax in your happy home. The pace of our session together is determined by you and your family. There’s no rush and if your baby falls asleep, it’s completely ok (and expected!) If you want to take a lunch break, I’m OK with that. Extended family members, especially grandparents, are allowed and encouraged to also participate in our time together. Most newborn & baby sessions are around 2 hours in length. Most family sessions stay at about 1 1/2 hours.

I encourage my families to be fearless when it comes to their photography session – love on your baby, your spouse, and your pets. Play together, cuddle together, laugh together. My goal is to capture the story and the relationships within your family.