I have the best job in the world because I witness the best days in people’s lives with my camera, an extension of my heart, in my hands.

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I love telling stories.  To me, life looks better when it’s captured and recorded.

I love my family. Sunday is always spent with my family. Always. Sitting on the couch next to my mom, cutting coupons while the doggies snore next to us after running around at dog agility is my idea of perfection.

I love epic music, the kind of music that starts slow and culminates in a huge way that makes your heart burst open. Mumford & Sons is my favorite band. I saw them live at Red Rocks a few years ago and I still smile when I think of that.

I have always called Colorado home. I’m grateful to live in a state where a summer hike in the mountains is just outside your front door. The open air settles me.

I wear many hats. When I’m not photographing families, I’m also the photographer behind Denver fashion blog Studio9720 and a volunteer at several different local organizations.

I believe in family time, live music and adventures on the road. I believe there’s serious calming power in watching a good sunset (or sunrise.) I believe in celebrating little victories and laughing every day.

I believe in working hard, dreaming big, loving what you do and always, always helping others.

My name is Kelsey Bigelow and I’d love to meet you.


“Come. Let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.” -Chaim Potok